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How to find the right estate agent

Appointing an estate agent is the most important decision when selling your house.

A competent agent will give you a realistic valuation and also advice on appearance improvement and EPC certification, both could to add value to your home and help to sell it quickly. Unfortunately these agents are few and far between, as the majority of agents are paid commission once their contract is signed. This means that they will do ‘whatever it takes’ and tell you ‘what you want to hear’ to make you sign with them. Anything from overvaluing to telling you that your home is perfect, when it clearly isn’t, both of which will hold back a sale. 

How Good is the Estate Agent?

After they value your home ask them to justify their reasoning.

What would they do if your property did not sell as well as expected?

Are you content with their answers?

You can find out the recent sales and prices of similar properties in your area by entering your postcode in to


Gas and Electric Safety Certificates from Lancashire Home Life Services


How will the Estate Agent  Market your Home?

Presuming they advertise online, which sites do they use? Their own website is not worth worrying about. Are they members of any a well-known site such as

Will they advertise in newspapers? If you are selling a more costly home, will it be advertised in any national newspapers or magazines?

Will your house be advertised in their window, if so for how long?

How well presented are their brochures, as well as photography and text?


The right estate agent

Estate Agents, Your Final Decision when Appointing one

Do you get along well with the agent? – hopefully you will be communicating with them a lot.

Do you trust the agent? – you will be trusting them with your most valuable asset.  

Remember to read the contract carefully. If you don’t understand something, look into it. If you are not happy in any way do not sign the contract.


Estate Agents Overvaluations

Don’t fall into the trap of using the agent with the highest valuation, as within a couple months they will most likely ask you to decrease the asking price. In the meantime, you will have kept your home in a clean and tidy army-like manner for no reason whatsoever, wasted precious selling time, and above all, you may have lost the home you really wanted to buy. The longer your house is for sale, the more people are going to assume their is something wrong with it.


(EPCs) are required whenever a property is sold. By law, you must have an EPC for potential buyers and before you advertise your property. An EPC contains information about a property’s Energy Performance Certificate and typical energy costs, and recommendations about how to reduce energy use to save money. An EPC gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years.

Cheap Gas and Electric Safety Certificates , although not a legal requirement are essential when selling your home. A potential buyer will want a safe place to live and mortgage providers often require some assurance as to the state of the gas and electrics in a property they are being asked to lend money on.


Home Maintenance and Home Improvement

The appearance of your home is crucial, it can make the difference between achieving a really good price, and not selling your house at all.
Appearance improvement could be tidying up the garden or repairing a fence to fixing broken items or decorating.

A house in need of repair, maintenance or modernisation may be seen by a buyer as neglected and possibly having underlying issues.


Giving Your Home More Kerb Appeal | Lancashire Home life services”

Potential buyers form an impression from kerbside and within seconds of seeing your property, so make sure that yours is the better looking house on the street.

Be honest with yourself and imagine that your house belongs to someone else and remove yourself emotionally. From the street, look at your house and ask yourself, does it look attractive? The grass, has it been cut, is it free of weeds? How are the hedges, have they been trimmed, are they tidy? What about the flower beds, are they free of weeds and litter? The fences, do they need repairing or replacing? What is the paint like, does it need touching up? How about the driveway, does it look dirty, does it need power washing? All are small jobs a local gardeners or handyman could do.

Are there any houses in your neighbourhood that you like? What do you like about them? Is your house like that?


Through The Front Door

The first minute of a potential home viewing is imperative. A positive perception in the first minute puts potential buyers into a great frame of mind and makes them more likely to sign on the dotted line.

Again, be honest with yourself and imagine that your house belongs to someone else and remove yourself emotionally and ask yourself does it look attractive? Is the wallpaper looking old or worn, does it need renewing, does the paintwork need touching up? Do the floorboards or doors squeak? Are any taps dripping, or pipes leaking? All are low cost jobs that local decorators, joiners and plumbers could do.


Is your Home Cluttered?

All those ornaments on the shelves and photographs on the wall look like clutter to any potential buyer. If you really want to sell your house remove as much clutter as possible and either dispose of it or put it into storage. It helps to live like a minimalist when selling, therefore only keep your essentials in your home.

Is your Home a Mess?

Ask yourself honestly, is your home spotlessly clean? What about the appliances, inside and out? how is the bathroom, around the base of the taps? How about the kitchen, and inside the cupboards? Can you see any laundry laying about?

Your house may be beautiful, but if its messy potential buyers won’t see its beauty, all they will see is the mess.

Whose house is it?

Referring to the two paragraphs above, when a potential buyer looks around your house they want to see their house, not your house. A potential buyer wants to envisage the house as theirs. They want to imagine where they will place their possessions.

De-personalize your home. Think of it as a furniture catalogue which is presented in a way that anybody who reads it imagines their life in the room they are viewing. 

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

  • EPC Energy Performance Certificates
  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Electrical Safety Certificates


Estate Agent Chosen? Now Go for It!

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