Top Tips to keep the Elderly Safe at Home

House Clearance Preston,Top Tips to keep the Elderly Safe at Home

Elderly home adaptions Preston

Are their floors clear of trailing cords or wires? To prevent an elderly person tripping over cords or wires, coil them up or tape them close to the wall. Try to place their appliances close to a socket.  Lancashire Home Life Services  electricians can fit additional sockets where required. All of our electricians Preston are NICEIC approved and  experienced in a huge range of electrical work and energy efficiency.


How To Help The Elderly Stay Safe at Home

Are their sockets over-loaded? Overloaded sockets can be a fire hazard. If an elderly person doesn’t have enough sockets, use a bar adapter on a lead, rather than a block adapter. Never fit more than one plug in each socket. Lancashire Home Life Services Electricians Preston can fit additional sockets where required.

Can they walk around their house or flat without having to walk around furniture? Our House Clearance Preston service can remove and dispose of any unnecessary household items. All items are donated to charity where they are compliant with current legal regulations. If not compliant but recyclable, they will be recycled.

Do they have worn or fraying carpets that they may fall over? Renewing carpets, or using double-sided carpet tape, will help to avoid falls. Rugs and mats can be a serious trip hazard and should be avoided if possible. Lancashire Home Life Services experienced carpet fitters can provide and fit carpet and underlay.

Do they climb ladders to change light bulbs? Lancashire Home Life Services Home Maintenance Preston Services and repair team can renew their light bulbs for them. Most light fittings can be fitted with LED bulbs which are a lot brighter compared to incandescent bulbs, and use a slither of energy. 


Keeping Them Safe at Home

Can they call for assistance if they fall or feel insecure? A community alarm lets you contact a 24-hour response centre at the touch of a button. Many councils, such as Community Gateway, run community alarm schemes. Age UK sell personal alarm systems to alert of falls or other incidents.

Do they have a carbon-monoxide detector and a smoke alarm? Carbon monoxide is known as a ‘silent killer’ because you can’t see, taste or smell it. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be like cold, flu or food-poisoning symptoms – headache, nausea, sore throat and dry cough. Heaters that burn gas, coal, oil or wood can give off carbon monoxide if they are not working correctly. Smoke detectors are necessary in case of fire or even as a warning when something has been mistakenly left in the oven. The elderly person should have their gas appliances checked frequently. Lancashire Home Life Services Maintenance and Repair teams are able to fit carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.

Small Changes Can Help Them Live Independently At Home Alone

Do they have a letterbox cage? This can save the elderly person having to bend down to pick up their post. Glass  doors on kitchen cupboards, can assist them with what items are in the cupboard  It can also stop papers being spread over the floor, which could cause them to slip. Lancashire Home Life Services Home Maintenance Preston Property Services and Repair teams are able to install letterbox cages.

Home Adaptations and Alterations for the Disabled and Elderly.

Our team of disability living specialists can help you to stay independent in your own home. We offer many services including:

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