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Our Weed Control Service was created to take care of weed removal for people with limited time or resources. Our reliable specialists take care of residential weed and moss removal in Preston and the local surrounding areas.

Weeds and moss can rapidly take over your driveway, pavings and stoned areas becoming problematic and ruining the appearance of your home. We have found that more and more homeowners want an alternative to buying inferior and costly ‘off the shelf’ products, and to spending their time and effort applying them only to find the result disappointing.

Many weeds are deep-rooted and to try to control them with an ineffective weed killer, or to try to remove them by hand is not only tedious but not always very effective. The whole plant including the roots must be surpressed to make sure they do not return.

Our Weed Control & Spaying Service provides a convenient alternative and improved results. The products we use are safe for children, pets and wildlife

Most weeds are usually controlled after one treatment and will usually die off between 14 and 21 days, after this time they will start to decompose completely.

Weed Spraying Service | Lancashire Home Life services

With our meticulous specialists, high quality equipment and effective products we’re relied on by domestic and business clients  throughout Lancashire.

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Lancashire Home Life Services have many domestic tradesmen, household and gardener services and they can all be found on this website. All of our tradesmen are specialist to the specific trade required. We can combine any of our services to offer you a comprehensive package to suit your requirements, meaning you pay for exactly what you need.

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